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Unless noted otherwise, seminars are held at 12:00 on Tuesdays in Lyman 425.

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Fall 2006

September 26, Jefferson 453 (Note special location)
Gordon Ritter, Harvard University
The Rigorous Approach to Gauge Theory in Four Dimensions: Open Problems

October 3, Jefferson 453 (Note special location)
Darrick Chang, Harvard University
Quantum and nonlinear optics using surface plasmons

October 10
Predrag Nikolic, Harvard University
Mutual influence of vortices and quasiparticles in d-wave superconductors

October 17
Kevin Beach, Boston University
Valence bond worm and projector algorithms

October 24
Marcus Roper, Harvard University
Growing drag-minimising shapes

October 31
Lily Childress, Harvard University
Coherent dynamics of coupled electron and nuclear spin qubits in diamond

November 7
Mark Rudner, MIT
Self-Polarization and Cooling of Spins in Quantum Dots

November 14
Maria Kandyla, Harvard University
Femtosecond dynamics of the laser-induced solid-to-liquid phase transition in aluminum

November 21
Jason Alicea, UCSB
Order-by-disorder and "spiral spin liquid" physics in frustrated diamond lattice antiferromagnets

November 28
Silas Alben, Harvard University
Fin ray design and use in fish swimming

December 5
Kendra Burbank, Harvard University
Constructing the Mitotic Spindle

December 12
Dmitri Abanin, MIT
Unusual Quantum Hall Ferromagnetism in Graphene

December 19
Yuichi Nakamura, University of Tokyo
Non-Hermitian quantum mechanics of strongly correlated systems

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