Harvard Condensed Matter Theory Kid's Seminars

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Unless noted otherwise, seminars are held at 12:00 on Tuesdays in Lyman 425.

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January 30
Rudro Rana Biswas , Harvard University
Taylor Diffusion in the presence of Absorbing Boundaries -- Revisited in the 21st Century

February 13
Ivan Gonzalez, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Density-matrix renormalization group: an overview

February 20
Jacob Krich, Harvard University
Cubic Dresselhaus Spin Orbit Coupling in Chaotic Quantum Dots

February 27
Michael Hermele, MIT
Spin liquids near the Mott transition

March 13
Michael Levin, Harvard University
Real space renormalization group and the emergence of topological order

March 20
Marcos Rigol, USC / UMass Boston
Statistical mechanics of an integrable system after relaxation

March 27 - No seminar this week (Spring Recess)

April 03
Alex Wissner-Gross, Harvard University
Superhydrophilic stabilization of ice multilayers above room temperature

April 10
Adrian Del Maestro, Harvard University
Thermoelectric transport in the vicinity of a superconductor-metal quantum phase transition in nanowires

April 17
Chandra Varma, UC Riverside
Deriving Marginal Fermi-liquid: Solution of a dissipative quantum xy model

April 24
Ying Ran, MIT
Spin liquid on the Kagome lattice

May 01
Markus Mueller, Harvard University
Quantum electron glasses and electron assisted hopping

May 08
Bob Cherng, Harvard University
Superfluidity and magnetism in multicomponent ultracold fermions

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