Harvard Condensed Matter Theory Kid's Seminars

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Unless noted otherwise, seminars are held at 1:00 on Wednesdays in Lyman 425.

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(Past years: Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Fall 2007)

January 30
Bruce Normand, EPF Lausanne, Switzerland
High-dimensional fractionalisation and spinon deconfinement in pyrochlore antiferromagnets

February 6
Pouyan Ghaemi, MIT
Higher angular momentum Kondo liquids

February 13
Antoine Georges, École Polytechnique
Two energy scales and the nodal-antinodal dichotomy in underdoped superconducting cuprates

February 20
Mikito Koshino, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Electronic properties of graphene multilayers

February 27
Tanmoy Das, Northeastern University
Nodeless *d*-Wave Superconducting Pairing due to Residual Antiferromagnetism in Underdoped Pr2-*x*Ce*x*CuO

March 5
Jacob Krich, Harvard University
Spin polarized current generation from quantum dots without magnetic fields

March 12 -- No seminar this week (March Meeting)

March 19
Izhar Neder, Weizman Institute of Science, Israel
The Behavior of Electronic Interferometers in the Non-Linear Regime

March 26
Maria Fyta, Harvard University
Biopolymer translocation through nanopores: evidence from multiscale computer simulations

April 02
R. Shankar, Yale University
Novel applications of group theory to mean-field hamiltonians and flux phases

April 09
Bruno Uchoa, Boston University
Tailoring electronic properties in graphene

April 16
Rajdeep Sensarma, Harvard University
Quantum Fluctuations in BCS-BEC Crossover

April 23
Stephen Powell, Oxford
Quantum-classical mappings for geometrically frustrated systems

April 30
Tobias Ambjornsson, MIT
Interacting random walkers

May 07
Matthias Punk, Technical University, Munich
Time-evolution of a Neel state in a Heisenberg chain

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