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Job Postings
Job Postings

Job Postings Job Postings

Spring 2013
Date Posted
Post Doc 10/8/15
Syracuse University Post Doc 5/28/15
Norwegian University of Science & Technology Post Doc 5/26/15
CEA Grenoble, France Post Doc 4/30/15
Faculty 3/26/15
University of Bristol Faculty 3/20/15
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg Faculty 3/18/15
Zhejiang University, China Post Doc 3/16/15
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden Faculty 3/16/15
Post Doc 3/9/15
Bose-Einstein Condensation Center, Toronto Post Doc 2/26/15
Université Paris-Sud Post Doc 2/26/15
University of Pennsylvania Post Doc 2/20/15
Faculty 2/2/15
Post Doc 1/31/15
Post Doc 1/30/15
University of California Post Doc 1/29/15
Cornell University Faculty 1/27/15
Post Doc 1/27/15
Syracuse University Post Doc 1/25/15
Maynooth University, Ireland Post Doc 1/21/15
Various Chinese & Portuguese Institutions Post Doc 1/20/15
Faculty 1/19/15
University of Bristol Post Doc 1/14/15
Yale University Post Doc 1/9/15
Post Doc 12/23/14
Perimeter Institute, Guelph University Faculty 12/23/14
University of Chicago Post Doc 12/23/14
Cavendish Lab, Cambridge University Post Doc 12/22/14
Technion Israel Institute of Technology Post Doc 12/22/14
University of Minnesota Post Doc 12/17/14
John Hopkins Post Doc 12/16/14
Faculty 12/16/14
Northwestern University Post Doc 12/11/14
Freie Universitaet, Berlin Post Doc 12/11/14
Cavendish Lab, Uni Cambridge Post Doc 12/11/14
Post Doc 12/7/14
Chalmers University Faculty 11/28/14
Chalmers University Post Doc 11/28/14
Post Doc 11/27/14
Cornell University, LASSP Faculty 11/27/14
Cornell University Faculty 11/25/14
University of California, Irvine Post Doc 11/25/14
UMass Amherst Faculty 11/24/14
University of Virginia Faculty 11/24/14
UCLA Faculty 11/22/14
Institut de Physique Théorique, France Post Doc 11/22/14
The Rockefeller University Post Doc 11/22/14
Perimeter Institute Emmy Noether Fellowship Visiting Scholar 11/19/14
ICTP Post Doc 11/19/14
ICTP Visiting Scholar 11/19/14
University of Copenhagen Post Doc 11/18/14
J.S. Caux group, Uni Amsterdam Post Doc 11/18/14
Post Doc 11/16/14
Post Doc 11/15/14
Iowa State University Post Doc 11/7/14
HPC-LEAP Fellowship 11/6/14
UC Santa Cruz Faculty 11/6/14
University of Ottawa Post Doc 11/2/14
UC San Diego Faculty 11/1/14
Syracuse University Faculty 10/31/14
Princeton: BioPhysics Dept Post Doc 10/30/14
University of California, Berkeley Post Doc 10/29/14
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Post Doc 10/29/14
Caltech Post Doc 10/26/14
University of California, Irvine Faculty 10/25/14
PhD Candidates 10/25/14
Post Doc 10/24/14
Simon Fraser University, Canada Post Doc 10/23/14
Post Doc 10/22/14
Rutgers University Post Doc 10/20/14
Research Leader 10/20/14
Post Doc 10/15/14
University of Wisconsin-Madison Faculty 10/15/14
IQIM at Caltech Post Doc 10/14/14
Instituut-Lorentz Leiden University Post Doc 10/14/14
Michigan State University Faculty 10/12/14
Cornell University Post Doc 10/11/14
Faculty 10/7/14
Faculty 10/6/14
Clark University Faculty 10/1/14
Post Doc 10/1/14
Argonne National Laboratory Post Doc 9/30/14
Post Doc 9/27/14
Princeton University Faculty 9/25/14
McGill University Post Doc 9/24/14
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Faculty 9/23/14
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Post Doc 9/23/14
Perimeter Institute Post Doc 9/22/14
Faculty 9/21/14
Post Doc 9/20/14
Banyak Group, New York Staff 9/19/14
University of Alberta Post Doc 9/19/14
Purdue University Faculty 9/18/14
New York University Post Doc 9/17/14
University of Wisconsin-Madison Post Doc 9/17/14
Post Doc 9/16/14
Post Doc 9/16/14
Post Doc 9/12/14
University of Alberta, Canada Post Doc 9/12/14
Yale University Post Doc 9/11/14
Faculty 9/10/14
Brown University Post Doc 9/10/14
Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen Post Doc 9/10/14
Free University Berlin Post Doc 9/10/14
University of British Columbia, Vancouver Post Doc 9/10/14
University of Florida-Gainesville Post Doc 9/8/14
University of Texas, Austin Faculty 8/28/14
MIT Post Doc 8/27/14
Princeton University Post Doc/Fellow 8/27/14
University of Chicago Faculty 8/27/14
Uni Illinois, Urbana-Champaign ICMT Post Doc 8/27/14
Post Doc 8/26/14
Rice University Post Doc 8/24/14
Emory University Post Doc 8/15/14
Harvard University Post Doc 8/15/14
NUS College, Yale University Faculty 8/11/14
University of Bristol PostDoc 8/8/14
Ecole Normale Supérieure, France Jr Research Chair 7/29/14
Jiao Tong University, Shanghai China Faculty 7/26/14
Union College, New York Faculty 7/15/14
TU Dresden, Germany: LDM Staff 7/14/14
TU Dresen, Germany: Nanotechnology Staff 7/14/14
Staff 7/14/14
ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies Junior Fellow 7/10/14
École Normale Supérieure, France PostDoc 7/2/14
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz PostDoc 6/24/14
University of Ottawa, Canada Faculty 6/16/14
US Department of Energy - Physical Scientist Staff 6/6/14
US Department of Energy - Physicist Staff 6/6/14
CNRS at Uni Paris Post Doc 6/4/14
Sofja Kovalevskaja Award, Germany Research 6/3/14
University of Ottawa, Canada Faculty 5/29/14
CNMS at ORNL Post Doc 5/27/14
SPICE, Mainz, Germany Staff 5/15/14
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich Faculty 5/15/14
New York University Post Doc 5/10/14
Post Doc 5/5/14
Lancaster University, UK Post Doc 4/25/14
Post Doc 4/17/14
Faculty 4/16/14
Johannes Gutenberg Uni Mainz, Germany Post Doc 4/16/14
Exxon Mobile - Theoretical Physicist Staff 4/16/14
Exxon Mobile - Experimental Physicist Staff 4/16/14
Exxon Mobile - Computational Physicist
Staff 3/31/14
Louisiana State University Post Doc 3/30/14
Johns Hopkins Post Doc 3/25/14
Post Doc 3/25/14
University of Birmingham Faculty 3/21/14
University of Geneva Faculty 3/20/14
University of Cologne Post Doc 3/18/14
Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland Faculty 3/12/14
University of Cologne Faculty 3/10/14
University of Queensland, Australia PostDoc 3/6/14
University of Basel, Switzerland Faculty 3/5/14
Durham University Faculty 3/5/14
Johns Hopkins University Post Doc 3/4/14
Eindhoven University of Technology (Experimental) PhD position 2/28/14
Eindhoven University of Technology (Theoretical) PhD position 2/28/14
Max-Planck-UBC Post Doc 2/26/14
International Institute of Physics Post Doc 2/17/14
Chalmers University of Technology Post Doc 2/12/14
Graz University of Technology (Austria) Post Doc 2/11/14
University of Pittsburgh Post Doc 2/9/13
Bar Ilan University Post Doc 1/27/14
Hong Kong University Post Doc 1/15/14
Rockefeller University Post Doc 1/6/14
UC Berkeley - Chemistry Dept Post Doc 1/2/14
Weizmann Institute Post Doc 1/2/14


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