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Unless noted otherwise, seminars are held at noon on Thursdays in Lyman 425.
Please contact the host for more information, or if you would like to meet a speaker.

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Fall 2005-2006

(Past years: 2004-2005, 2003-2004, 2002-2003)
September 22
Subir Sachdev , Harvard University
Breakdown of the Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson paradigm at quantum phase transitions

Host: Bertrand Halperin


September 29
Kun Yang , Florida State University
Find Your Partner or Expel Your Competitor: Exotic Pairing States in Fermionic Superfluids with Unbalanced Pairing Species

Host: Bertrand Halperin

October 6
Aravinthan Samuel , Harvard University
How worms navigate thermal gradients

Host: David Nelson

October 13
Bernd Rosenow , The University of Cologne
Linear and nonlinear conductivity of disordered Luttinger liquids

Host: Bertrand Halperin

October 20
Cynthia Reichhardt , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Local probes at the nanoscale: Entanglement, melting, and jamming transitions
Host: Jennifer Hoffman

October 27
Nai-Chang Yeh , Caltech
Effects of competing orders and quantum criticality on the quasiparticle tunneling spectroscopy and vortex dynamics of Cuprate superconductors
Host: Eugene Demler

November 3
Igor Aleiner , Columbia University
Metal-insulator transition in a weakly interacting many-electron system with localized single-particle states
Host: Bert Halperin

November 10
H. Takayanagi , NTT, Japan
Host: Charles Marcus

November 17
Ganpathy Murthy , University of Kentucky
Interplay between Kondo screening and Stoner interactions in a quantum dot
Host: Bertrand Halperin

December 1
Gora Shlyapnikov , The University of Amsterdam
Title to be announced
Host: Eugene Demler

December 8
Karyn Le Hur , Université de Sherbrooke
Electron life-time in quantum wires: Definition and Observability
Host: Eugene Demler

December 15
Cirano De Dominicis , CEA, Saclay
Microscopic approaches to the Ising Spin Glass
Host: Paul Martin

January 12
Roger Melko , Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Monte Carlo Simulations of Quantum Spin Models on Frustrated 2D Lattices
Host: Adrian Del Maestro

January 19
Carlos Bolech , Harvard University
Bosonization approach to mixed-valence quantum impurity models
Host: Subir Sachdev

January 26

To Be Announced

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