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FALL 2008

(Past years: Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Fall 2007, Spring 2008)

September 23
Jeffrey Gore, MIT
Games microbes play:  The game theory behind cooperative sucrose metabolism in yeast

Spetember 30
Cenke Xu, Harvard
Nematic and Magnetic orders in Fe-based Superconductors

October 7
Jacob Taylor, MIT
Metrology and simulation with small quantum systems

October 14
Yang Qi, Harvard
Theory of Z2 spin liquid and application to &kappa-(ET)2Cu2(CN)3

October 21
Uri Alon, Weizmann Institute of Science
Design principles of biological circuitry

October 28
Alex Petersen, Boston University
One-hit Wonders and Iron-Horses: A model of career longevity in professional sports

November 4
Adilet Imambekov, Yale
Universal Theory of Nonlinear Luttinger Liquids

November 18
Fa Wang, Berkeley
Functional renormalization group study of iron-pnictide superconductors

December 2
Hans Wyss, Harvard

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